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  1. Sehr geehrte Damen und Herren,
    haben Sie einen Händler in Deutschland? Bzw. Wo kann ich in Deutschland die Traumtransfer-Liege erhalten?
    Herzliche Grüße
    Stefan Kühner

    1. Dear Dr. Stefan Kühner,
      Thanks for your shown interest in my inventions. First I have to apologize for the fact that I’m not communicating this in your language.
      The answer to your question is that we don’t have any distributor on the German market.
      There are to ways to solve this:
      You can buy our systems directly from us or you can help us to recommend us to a German top class Med Tec distributor that might be interested in representing our leading concept in Germany.
      I’m very sorry that I’m not able to serve the German market in a better way, because I have a lot of German hospital that uses my concepts and many interested in using the leading system.
      Best Regards
      The inventor and constructor of TraumaTransfer
      Anders Erlandsson

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